Branding a Business

Branding a Business – Window Tinting Case Study

How to Brand a company

Window tinting is about covering the window with a film to prevent sun rays from heating the room excessively or adding a layer of privacy. Windows at homes and car windows are tinted. Tinting is done in a manner so as not to lose the aesthetics or style.

Cars are tinted by the manufacturer. But this tinting sometimes isn’t enough for the customer. Extra layer of tint is added. This extra layer removes 40-60% of heat and it makes the glass more reflective. Travelling with kids for long distance makes it imperative to have some kind of protection to keep the UV rays out. Window tinting businesses are in demand since tints last about 5 years and top quality tints provide protection for about 10 years. But in most cases, people do not keep a vehicle for that long. A new vehicle requires a fresh coat of tint.

How to brand a Window Tinting Business?

Let’s say you have a window tinting Chicago business, how do you go about branding it? Vehicles are of various make and model. Some are regular and others luxury. A business that is into tinting and more, like replacing windows, etc. should decide how it wants the customer to perceive it. If it wants to remain a niche in its category or a do-it-all, the management team has to make up their mind and then devise a strategy accordingly.

A company that chooses to do tinting of all kinds and wants to position itself as a leader in the market will have a vision. A leader brings to the table much more than the biggest market share. It adopts technology, uses the best approach, has quality customer service, listens to its customers, improves on its quality and learns from its experiences/peers. When a company wants to do all of this and more and survive the competition while continuing to expand, it is looking to establish itself as a brand.

Create a logo. Find a logo and tagline that fits the moto of the company and goes with what it does.

Create an advertising plan. There are business administration graduates who specialize in marketing and can help you develop a plan. This ad should depict what you envision about the company. The idea should be current and something the vehicle owner can relate to. In the search to be a brand, do not sacrifice “connect”.

Choose the mediums you want to use for the advertisement. Local television channels, hoardings around the city, airport, banners, local magazines etc should be your target medium. Use social media too to create awareness. Customers would be using search engines to ” find car window tinting near me “.

Let the customer know that you mean business. Your company invests in the best quality tint and technology in the market to deliver the best results. You take customer satisfaction seriously and will do everything to deliver quality service.

Train your people using the standards applicable in the industry and keep them professional.

Use a website to receive customer feedback and reviews. Proactively monitor the reviews to see that there is consistency in your service. Once you build the reputation you can expect your customers to look up to you as a brand to associate with. It takes time. Years.

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